ProcyclingLive shut down

Good day folks,

The last few days organizations like Twitter, Facebook, Remove Your Media and EuroDNS started a witch hunt against us for providing you with all the best live video links from procycling events around the world. Something we have been doing for the past 8 years without any issues. We also encountered DDoS attacks on our site for this, bringing it down because of the many bogus requests.

ProcyclingLive is non-profit run by fans for fans, so we do not have the time or money to fight against any allegations. Without any prior notice both Twitter and Facebook decided to delete tweets and posts. You would normally expect that you can respond first before they take action but it shows you have no rights using their services, which we find worrying. We tried to communicate with them, but they lack any feedback and seem to ignore you as user.

Nevertheless, we have enjoyed all we did for you out there and appreciate the many and great feedback we received from all around the globe.

We wish you all the best and keep enjoying the wonderful world of procycling!


Team ProcyclingLive

Luxembourg, 24-05-2017